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Diamond Wire Loops ties wire

  • EST200-2T Benchtop Endless Wire Saw Machine
  • EST200-2T Benchtop Endless Wire Saw Machine
EST200-2T Benchtop Endless Wire Saw MachineEST200-2T Benchtop Endless Wire Saw Machine

EST200-2T Benchtop Endless Wire Saw Machine

  • Fast cutting speed
  • Compact model
  • Easy to operate
  • cutting machine
  • Product description: EST200-2T Benchtop Endless Wire Saw Machine is suitable to cut almost all kinds of material such as glass, rock, jade, silicon, ceramics and so on, especially for cutting high-value hard brittle mater

EST200-2T produced by Zhengzhou Insoll Tools,known as endless diamond wire cutting machine(Gantry type), uses diamond wire loop as cutting tool. The linear speed is 3 to 4 times of traditional wire cutting. Its cutting speed is fast and has very simple operation and small machine size.

Our products can be widely used in many fieldsThe specific parameters and application specifications are as follows

Cutting Sample Spec

Sample Size :   within 200mmX200mmX190mm (L*W*H)

Machine Spec


Specific parameter

Machine Size

L7000mm X W610mm X H700mm

Motor power of sliding table

Y axis 400w   Z axis 400 w

Spindle motor power


Machine weight

120 KG

Feed speed

1-1000 mm/min

Linear speed

10-30 m/s

Wire Length

1420 mm

Loading capacity

400 kg

The equipment equipment frame is steel and aluminium alloy , with simple structure it’s beautiful and practical.

Why choose our products?

Zhengzhou Ensoll Tools is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of Endless diamond wires & Equipment.The company has nearly one hundred patents. It is TOP leader company to start mass production of endless diamond wire and adapt it to the large-scale cutting needs of different industries.

Compared to traditional cutting equipmentOur product has the following advantages

1、Higher line speed, faster cutting speed

2、Safe and easy to replace wire

3、Less edge breakage

4、Less cutting loss

5、No commutation grain, high cutting quality

Processing time —— Save 60% cutting time

Endless diamond wire cutting by one-way movement under high cutting linear speed, the cutting efficiency was highly improved.

Cutting quality——improved 50%

Ensoll diamond wire use patent tech to coat diamond abrasive to the core wire , total thickness variation is small .the cutting surface have less wire marks and less possiblity to chip.

Labor cost——One worker can operate 3 to 5 machines

Endless wire saw don’t need difficult winding job,it’s very easy to operate.

Cutting cost ——Save 60%

Machine cost is much less than traditional ones, and  One loop can cut more than 160 times at 4-6 min per cut  ( 9 inch silicon) ;125 times at 6-9 min per cut  (10 inch silicon); 100 times at 7-10 min per cut  (12 inch silicon).

If you have a demand for cutting superhard materials, such as sapphire, monocrystalline silicon, photovoltaic glass, semiconductors, etc., or pursue high section quality, you may want to take a look at our endless diamond wire cutting equipment and contact us quickly!